Invite Proskuneo to lead your next worship service! Our team can visit your church, community, college, etc., or lead virtually through a livestream or pre-recorded video customized especially for you.


““Proskuneo offers teaching, modeling, pastoring, and ultimately, a time of shared experience/shared worship that is powerful and transformational. Their approach to shared leadership promotes an ethos in which all are valuable without anyone being greater than another. As they graciously lead and follow one another, the congregation is freed to try new things more comfortably.” [Insil Kang]

“Proskuneo’s authenticity, creativity and excellence not only provided our staff with some much needed rest (during this global crisis), but they led our congregation into a deeper sense of what might be possible in our collective worship together.  The result of our time with Proskuneo is an inspired and rested staff and a congregation collectively moved to a new place of worship.” [Peter Eberly]

Rates: Rates vary depending on service length, content, and location. To get an estimate, please contact us.


Invite Proskuneo to facilitate a custom training seminar for you and your team! Learn from a variety of speakers representing diverse perspectives, experiences, and cultures. Also available in an interactive online format.

Seminar topics include: Empowering Asian-American Leaders, Multicultural Songwriting, The Art of Listening Cross-Culturally, Me Culture & We Culture, and more!


“The seminar offered very helpful ways of being more aware of cultural differences.”

“It helped give words to some experiences that I didn’t have words for yet. I really loved the second breakout session where we talked more in-depth about the different cultural values.”

Rates: $300 for 90-minute online seminar. Rates vary for in-person seminars depending on training length, content, and location. Contact us to discuss details.


Invite Proskuneo to invest in you through leadership coaching!

Our coaching is personalized especially for you and your unique gifts, perspective, questions, and environment. We want to see you grow and thrive as a leader!

Rates: $50 per hour