Third Culture Creatives (2017 Retreat)

Third Culture Creatives: A Retreat for Artists and Creative Leadersabstract-pencil-scribble-background-vector
Are you an artist or a creative leader who has spent  time living cross-culturally?
Do you see yourself as a major contributor for God’s Kingdom?
We invite you to a 3 days retreat in Clarkston, GA, one of the most diverse square miles in the USA for time of connecting and co-creating.
WHEN? Mar 30th – April 2nd, 2017
WHERE? Clarkston, GA
WHO? You, we hope! You probably wouldn’t have heard about this if we didn’t think you are already a Third Culture Creative. 🙂 But, just to clarify…you don’t have to be bi-racial; bilingual. Maybe you are a 1.5/2nd/3rd generation immigrant or you have spent significant time living cross-culturally?

And, you are also a creative! You’re an artist…but not just a painter or musician or author. You are someone who sees the world differently, and influences (or has the potential to) through your God-given gifts.

TO REGISTER: Fill out registration form (by March 1! Space is limited!) We will let you know if your application is accepted and then send you a link so you can pay the fee. ($175 includes food and lodging!) For more info, email us at:



5:30pm     Dinner together
7pm           Worship/Teaching
Connecting: Sharing stories

8am           Breakfast
9:30am     Worship/Teaching
10:45am   Connecting: Sharing stories
12noon      Lunch
1pm            Connecting: Sharing stories
2:30pm     Co-creating
6pm           Dinner
7:30pm     Worship/Activity/Teaching/Connecting

7:30am      Breakfast
8:45am      Proskuneo School of the Arts
11:00am     Connecting: Sharing stories
12:30pm     Lunch
2pm            Co-creating (part 2)
4pm            Connecting: Sharing stories
5:30pm       Dinner
7pm             Presentations/Feedback

9am            Breakfast
10:30am    Worship
12pm          Lunch/Debrief/Brainstorm: what’s next?
3pm            Depart