My Sunpohari Story [by Becky Thurman]

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I remember that day. I was struggling. For some reason my pain, my past, my broken parts were all coming to the surface in a wave. I was still in recovery mode from divorce. I’d been in a pretty traumatic car accident that should have killed me. I had started writing again and my rape at 19 years old had risen to the top of the page. It was not pretty. And I was, as […]

선포하리  Sunpohari  ကြွေးကြော်ပါမည်

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선포하리 (Sunpohari) means, “I will proclaim” or “I will declare”.  This new hip hop/rap song actually started as a slow, somber chorus of grief and praise. Then, with a few different people sitting in the same room together, it turned into an upbeat hook with a bridge and rap verse. From there, it went to three raps in Burmese, English and Korean with multiple background ad libs. Each voice, each influence, each flavor, each story brought […]