How Abraham Joined Proskuneo

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A meeting in a parking lot between two strangers, who became “twins” with totally different skin colors… how could it be possible in today’s racially divided nation? This is the story I want to share with you. It was the summer of the year 2003, and I had been in the USA for four years as a refugee who fled Sudan due to several arrests as religious persecution intensified. But I never lost the compass […]

Keys to the Proskuneo School of the Arts

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I hold in my hand the keys to our brand new Proskuneo School of the Arts (PSOTA). Yesterday, January 2, 2012 was move-in day. We opened the doors for the first time, to move in office supplies, art work, and donated instruments. The majority of the “stuff” of Proskuneo is now located in Clarkston, GA. Though we each still work from our homes, and none of us live in Clarkston yet (though my family and […]