Cloud of Witnesses

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I will never forget my first 10K race. Back in 2008, in the middle of June, someone offered me a free entry to the well-known Peachtree Road Race. I had never thought about running a 10K, but it sounded like a challenge, and I accepted. Now, the race was 2 weeks away, and I had never run more than 3 miles. A 10K is over 6 miles. More than twice the longest distance I had […]

Multilingual Worship: Is It Worth It?

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Is it worth the trouble to sing in a new/different language if there is only one person there who speaks it? I’d say… YES! Imagine this… You have grown up as a White American in the suburbs of a mid-size city in the Midwest. You have never traveled. God (via your company) then moves you to a country where hardly any English is spoken… let’s say somewhere in India. Everything is different there from the […]

We All Bleed Red

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“It’s my way or the highway!” How many times have you heard that statement, or something to that effect throughout your everyday life? Friends with differing opinions on what movie they want to see, siblings arguing over who gets the last piece of cake, or congregations adamant that their style of worship is best, we all tend to think that our way is somehow superior to all others. You might ask yourself, “Are these differences […]