PWI Is… Welcome!

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I remember walking into Proskuneo Worship Institute so nervous. Everything in my heart knew that good things were about to happen. But everything in my head was telling me to run. Fortunately my heart won the battle, and I stepped through the door. I had always wondered what welcome felt like. That day I found out. That was 2010, and the first day of PWI every year since. It always feels the same even though […]

Jatamansi and Multicultural Worship [by Ashan Rodrigo]

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In the 1st century A.D., an act of worship took place in Bethany, a village in the Mount of Olives located about three kilometres from Jerusalem. There, a woman anointed Jesus with fragrant oil. Strangely, she did not use the locally produced olive oil. Instead, she used an oil made from spikenard, which is indigenous to the Himalayan regions of India, Nepal, and China. From the ancient Sanskrit language, spikenard is popularly known as Jatamansi. […]

Sawubona (I see you.)

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Jaewoo Kim was recently in South Africa, leading worship with several others in our Multicultural Worship Leaders Network. While there, he was impacted by a traditional Zulu greeting, which he brought back to share with us. Sawubona literally means “I see you.” It takes the place of “Hello” but means a lot more. It says, “I recognize your dignity as a person. I see your humanity and respect you.” The response is equally powerful. Ngikhona […]