Multilingual Grace [English, Korean, Arabic, Spanish]

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Here in our community, we eat together a lot…and that means Koreans, Latinos, Americans, Burmese, and Sudanese and more coming together around the table. We wanted something we could sing to thank God together. And, so…we wrote this: It’s super easy to sing, and we are writing new verses all the time. We just wrote one in Burmese this week! Here is the chord chart and some of the lyrics as well. Feel free to […]

From Mono To Multi: Our Songs

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[Proskuneo has the privilege of partnering with a local church in our community to help them figure out what multi-generational, multi-cultural worship looks like for them. You can find other posts in this blog series by clicking on the “mono2multi” tag.] WHAT ARE OUR SONGS? I am a firm believer that as worship leaders we should not simply plan worship experiences but develop worshiping communities. There is a whole chapter devoted to that in the book […]

Multilingual Worship: 내 모든 것 드리리 I Give You All (Korean-English)

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I tried a new form of collaborating recently. I had an idea for a song (just a concept, no lyrics or music) and I gave the idea to my Korean friend, Wonhee for her to write some lyrics in Korean based on the concept. Rather than me writing in English and her translating, I wanted the lyrics to originate in Korean. Many times, when a lyric is translated from one language into another it loses […]