Empowering Asian-American Leaders (Emily’s Story)

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Growing up as an Asian-American in the US is not easy. Growing up as a woman is not easy either. Put those two words together: Asian-American woman. Then, add the word, “leader.” What do you feel? What comes to your mind?  I don’t know how or why, but I always found myself leading even as a kid. Whether at a small Sunday school class or an elementary school I went, I was always the one […]

From Mono To Multi: Our Songs

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[Proskuneo has the privilege of partnering with a local church in our community to help them figure out what multi-generational, multi-cultural worship looks like for them. You can find other posts in this blog series by clicking on the “mono2multi” tag.] WHAT ARE OUR SONGS? I am a firm believer that as worship leaders we should not simply plan worship experiences but develop worshiping communities. There is a whole chapter devoted to that in the book […]

Reflective Worship Leading [an exercise]

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As a worship leader, it is easy to feel like you are on a hamster wheel of sorts. You just finished this week’s worship service, and now it’s time to think about next week. Or, you could be like some of my Korean friends who lead worship 9 times a week. Most often, I am leading 1-3 times each week these days. With that kind of pace, it can be hard to be a reflective […]