Sawubona (I see you.)

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Jaewoo Kim was recently in South Africa, leading worship with several others in our Multicultural Worship Leaders Network. While there, he was impacted by a traditional Zulu greeting, which he brought back to share with us. Sawubona literally means “I see you.” It takes the place of “Hello” but means a lot more. It says, “I recognize your dignity as a person. I see your humanity and respect you.” The response is equally powerful. Ngikhona […]

From Mono To Multi: Start Small

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[Proskuneo has the privilege of partnering with a local church in our community to help them figure out what multi-generational,┬ámulti-cultural worship looks like for them. This is part of a blog series on transitioning from mono to multi. You can find other posts in this series by clicking on the “mono2multi” tag.] START SMALL. Last Sunday was my first Sunday leading at Rehoboth Baptist Church as a result of the partnership between Rehoboth and Proskuneo. […]

When Hillsong meets Burma meets Dominican Republic

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What happens when Dominicans and Burmese are part of a healthy multicultural worshiping community together? This summer at our Proskuneo Worship Institute, we had a Dominican intern and several Burmese students. At various points, we learned how to exchange greetings in Spanish and several different Burmese languages…we talked about what the cultures have in common and the ways in which they are very different…we ate Dominican food and put on Burmese face cream. And, we […]