Third Culture, Confused Culture

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This is not an objective study on culture. This is not a researched and carefully scrutinized description of what culture should look like or does look like. This is me, and this is an expression of my journey with culture. This is honest and it is not neatly wrapped with a bow. Rather than looking at culture through an academic lens, it is my desire to explore culture in a personal and vulnerable way because, […]

Empowering Asian-American Leaders (Emily’s Story)

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Growing up as an Asian-American in the US is not easy. Growing up as a woman is not easy either. Put those two words together: Asian-American woman. Then, add the word, “leader.” What do you feel? What comes to your mind?  I don’t know how or why, but I always found myself leading even as a kid. Whether at a small Sunday school class or an elementary school I went, I was always the one […]