Multicultural Children’s Book: God Provides Homes Around the World

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It is time to pre-order Proskuneo’s first ever children’s book! “GOD Provides HOMES Around the World” is a book full of fascinating photos, helping kids recognize and internalize the fact that GOD gives all men life and breath and everything else… [Acts 17:25] Written by Sandy Bryan & Josh Davis, this book is designed to be interactive, helping parents and children connect, share their understandings and observations, and together become more globally aware! Each photo […]

Reflections of a Father

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“If GOD is anything like my dad, then he’s never around.” I heard this today and my heart was grieved. Many people can’t stand the thought of God as Father, because they can’t stand their own earthly fathers. So often we reflect our earthly father’s character on our Heavenly Father, believing way down deep that God is like our dad. It really should be the other way around. Earthly fathers should seek to reflect our […]