How To Help [by Grace Huseth]

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“Let me know how I can help,” everyone says. This is a good sign, said with the best of intentions. People do want to help. However, some people are too quick to offer help. It may sound strange, but offering help too quickly can be a bad thing as it rarely addresses the root of the problem. This approach to helping, and the pressure to help quickly, is a western perspective. For the most part, […]

Socio-Economic Diversity and James 2

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I was recently talking with some friends about how sometimes it is easier to have cultural diversity in a congregation than it is to have socio-economic diversity. If your congregation is culturally diverse, do your leaders all share a similar economic status or educational background? If you live in a monocultural community, does your church have both very rich and very poor members? Questions to ponder… A few days after our conversation, I was reading […]

From Mono To Multi: Our Songs

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[Proskuneo has the privilege of partnering with a local church in our community to help them figure out what multi-generational, multi-cultural worship looks like for them. You can find other posts in this blog series by clicking on the “mono2multi” tag.] WHAT ARE OUR SONGS? I am a firm believer that as worship leaders we should not simply plan worship experiences but develop worshiping communities. There is a whole chapter devoted to that in the book […]