Joy Kim [Ethnodoxologist/PAW Director] Joy designs and directs arts programs which encourage multimodal co-creation, build community, and encourage artists in creative leadership. She desires to promote unity in diversity which reflects our Triune God. Joy delights in new food, new experiences, new places, and connecting with old and new friends.

Kailey Floyd [Financial Secretary] Kailey cares for our finances and our financial partners, empowering our staff members to focus on what God has called each of them to do. She is passionate about the church uniting in worship and recognizing the beauty in our differences. Kailey loves climbing Stone Mountain, especially in the winter.

Grace Funderburgh [Resource Director + Creative Curator] Grace cultivates, co-creates, develops and distributes multicultural worship resources from Proskuneo’s local community to diverse worshipping communities around the globe. She is passionate about the healing, freedom, and authentic expressions of diverse individuals and communities in worship. Most people don’t know that Grace is left handed because you won’t catch her playing a guitar that way!

Sarah Dresser [Artist + Community Builder] Sarah creates and helps others use their creativity to play, process life, and remember truths about who God is. She is passionate about engaging visual art to help people notice and worship God in their very own stories. Sarah enjoys hiking, being outdoors, and noticing both big and tiny details.  

Jessica Pentsil [Ministry Assistant] Jess streamlines administrative information and tasks including emails, bookings, phone calls, and event coordination. She is most passionate about people having a genuine encounter with God, because she believes that God intimately knows each of us and desires to meet us where we are. Jess enjoys Latin dancing and will never turn down macarons.

Jaewoo Kim [Ministry Development + Director of Networking] Jaewoo loves connecting people and worshipping communities locally and globally to spark friendship and partnership. He is passionate about cultivating culturally diverse communities of Jesus worshippers. Jaewoo prefers to be alone at least one day a week and enjoys eating KFC (Korean fried chicken). 

Josh Davis [Director of Admin + Creative Pastor] Josh provides detail-oriented, organizational leadership to our staff and innovative soul-shepherding in our community and beyond. He is passionate about helping people integrate and offer their entire selves (including gifts, fears, cultures, languages, dreams, desires and more) to God in worship. Josh cries at every episode of Undercover Boss.

Becky Thurman [PWI Director + Youth Programs + Financial Oversight] Becky creates safe spaces for people to express their hearts without judgment. She accepts young people as they are while stretching them and the constructs in which they function. She is passionate about seeing people worship together regardless of gender, generation, culture, or church background. Becky enjoys motorcycles and electric guitars and would love to travel next to Kigoshima, Japan. 

Each of our staff has a team of Ministry Partners who pray and give monthly to help us further the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven. Click the button below to become part of our team!