나아가네 (I Come Forward) 

This song was gifted to the world as an open, honest and vulnerable moment of surrender with God. No matter where you are today… even if all you have to offer is brokenness, emptiness, hiding-that is something to offer up and our God does not turn us away. This song encourages us to worship in our rawest forms, everyday. 

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선포하리  Sunpohari  ကြွေးကြော်ပါမည်

Sunpohari means – “I will proclaim” or “I will declare.” This song was written with stories of depression, suicide, and shamed trauma in mind. It is a proclamation of the story of God and the story of us in the middle of times where we don’t know if we will make it out alive. Taken straight from, Psalm 118:17. ”I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the LORD has done.”

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Kristus Valda

This song is a simple and direct song about the God of all nations, in our pain, healing, and life through grace. Kristus Valda was written out of a season of spiritual warfare, trauma and mental illness. It was written as a declarative, liberation in the already done work of Christ. For the Proskuneo community it has become a very multilingual chorus and we are thankful to God for that. 

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