Multicultural Books


Worship Together in Your Church as in Heaven is a practical and foundational resource for pastors and worship leaders of all denominations. It addresses an urgent need in the church today: as our communities become increasingly diverse, how can we offer worship that is authentic and engaging for all of God’s people, including longtime church members? The authors offer an empathetic, step-by-step approach, providing readers with knowledge, skills, and strategies to successfully introduce inclusive, multicultural worship in any setting. Davis and Lerner are expert practitioners and pioneers who invite us to break new ground with them, making worship that more closely reflects God’s kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.


God Provides HOMES Around the World is full of beautiful photos of children around the world and the homes in which they live. This book invites kids and adults to consider together the similarities and differences of a variety of dwellings, and dialogue about what they see and think. At the foundation is the basic principle of Acts 17 . . . that God provides all of us with life and breath and everything else. Help the kids in your life become more globally aware! (Paper; 52 pages) $12  (Save when you buy more than one copy!)


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