Album Releases


Kristus Valda is one of our most well-known and widely used multilingual songs. This simple and profound song encourages congregations to sing against fear and shame and to proclaim truths about Christ’s reign in a variety of languages. In this bundle, we offer everything you need to share this song with your congregation…including choir, strings, and audio accompaniment.

IN THE LOWEST AS WELL [a multicultural Christmas Album]

Proskuneo’s first-ever Christmas album is full of songs co-written in our community. With songs in English, Spanish, Swahili, French, Korean, Portuguese, Lingala, & Arabic, this album is a declaration that God is worthy of glory in the highest and in the lowest spaces and moments of our lives as well.

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Our “Est Si Bon” is an EP which features a French African song celebrating the gift of this day that the Lord has made. This recent EP also includes one of our most singable songs ever, “We Need Each Other” which is a great song for helping congregations move beyond simply sharing worship experiences to become a worshiping community.


This EP is an opportunity for conversation, connection and movement toward a more authentic communication between God, our hearts and each other. Oftentimes our songs, practices or prayers can tend to shy away from really honest places of frustration, loss, anxiety, anger… as well as very heightened joy, laughter, or dance. As we connect more with a diverse God who has always held that space for us, we are learning to hold that kind of space for each other in diverse community.

1: A Multicultural Worship Album

Nine years in the making, 1 is all about unity and diversity in the Body of Christ. This album offers sounds of modern rock, Middle Eastern, Latin, funk, and gospel music with melodies so catchy that you will be singing along in Korean, Arabic, English, Spanish, and French before you know it!