We want to resource you for multicultural worship ministry! If you can’t find something that you are needing, please contact us and ask for it specifically.

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Proskuneo: Actualize
Proskuneo: Actualize is an online subscription program designed to equip leaders in living out the vision of multicultural worship in their own communities! Receive immediate access to Proskuneo’s Top 30 song library, plus additional monthly resources such as training videos, tutorials, and opportunities for personal coaching. We want to help you actualize this vision God has given you! JOIN NOW

1, a multicultural worship album
Nine years in the making, 1 is all about unity and diversity in the Body of Christ. This album offers sounds of modern rock, Middle Eastern, Latin, funk, and gospel music with melodies so catchy that you will be singing along in Korean, Arabic, English, Spanish, and French before you know it! These songs were written by community, in community, and for community. We love to sing them when we gather to worship Jesus and we hope you will too! BUY NOW

Worship Together in Your Church as in Heaven
Worship Together in Your Church as in Heaven is a practical and foundational resource for pastors and worship leaders of all denominations. It addresses an urgent need in the church today: as our communities become increasingly diverse, how can we offer worship that is authentic and engaging for all of God’s people, including longtime church members? Davis and Lerner are expert practitioners and pioneers who invite us to break new ground with them, making worship that more closely reflects God’s kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. BUY NOW