This EP is an opportunity for conversation, connection and movement toward a more authentic communication between God, our hearts and each other. Oftentimes our songs, practices or prayers can tend to shy away from really honest places of frustration, loss, anxiety, anger… as well as very heightened joy, laughter, or dance. As we connect more with a diverse God who has always held that space for us, we are learning to hold that kind of space for each other in diverse community.

Includes 3 songs:
-Unto Me


Chord Charts

Download Chord Charts [Why, Salaam, Unto Me]

Released September 27, 2020

Lead Vocals: Nikki Lerner, Lydia Davis, Glory Matu, Josh Davis, Dareen Sayar, Grace Funderburgh
Background vocals/readings: Dareen Sayar, Crystal Hao, Abraham Deng, Emmanuel Matu, Sylvie Kabanga, Sarah Shafer, Lydia Davis, Abby Kim, Joy Kim, Josh Davis, BoChit, Hoiling Poon
Bass: Neil Mison
Electric guitar: Matthew Newman
Acoustic Guitar: Elias Davis, Grace Funderburgh
Keyboard and pads: Joy Kim, Josh Davis
Djembe: David Lerner

Cover graphic: Jeremy Pentsil
Mixing and Mastering by: Daewoo Kim
Produced by: Proskuneo Ministries
Songwriters: Josh Davis, Jaewoo Kim, Dareen Sayar, Emmanuel Matu, Glory Matu, Grace Funderburgh

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