Jaewoo Kim [Public Relations/Development]

12744163_10154140627658273_2252410877219181891_n Born in Korea and moved to Texas in the age of 16, Jaewoo (jaewoo@proskuneo.org) now considers himself a Korean-Texan. Jaewoo and his wife Joy are worship-arts missionaries with the Artists in Christian Testimonies International. Their passion is to equip and empower artists and creatives in cross-cultural ministries. Jaewoo travels extensively to lead and to teach missional and multicultural worship; and he is a part of the core team facilitating the multicultural worship leaders’ network in the US. He also leads the Arts in Mission Korea. Jaewoo, Joy, and their two children currently reside in Dallas TX.



김재우선교사는 아트인미션 코리아 대표로, 다민족예배네트워크 리더쉽으로, 종족예배학회 이사로 섬기고 있다. 한인 디아스포라와 다민족 젊은이들을 다민족 예배와 타문화권 예술선교를 위해 훈련하고 연결하는 사역을 하고 있다. 현재 아내 김조이 선교사와 두 자녀(예선,지환)와 함께 텍사스주 달라스에 살고 있다.