Intern Testimonies

stephanieweritreanwomenMy personal vision is compatible with the vision of Proskuneo Ministries, and in that way I’ve been privileged to use and develop the skills I have for the building of the Kingdom through this internship with Proskuneo. More than this, I’ve been blessed to experience what it’s like to work for a Spirit-led organization that cares for and supports its members’ growth both personally and professionally wherever they are in their lives. Proskuneo is an organization that embraces the tensions in life, the people that God brings along, is unafraid to step out in faith and Godly wisdom, and in so doing is witness to genuine growth and change in this place where they have been planted. – Stephanie B

100_7951Working as a Proskuneo intern has been one of the best experiences of my life. The staff have instructed and trained me, all while encouraging and praying for me, and this has helped me to learn and grow. Throughout my time as an intern, I have not only learned about the ministry, but God has shown me so much about the power of culture, language, the arts, and worship. My time as an intern is one that I will always look back on and see that God was working in and through me, and for that I am extremely grateful. – Sarah L

When I first came as an intern for Proskuneo, I did not know what to expect. In fact, I knew very little about their community as a whole before reaching the door step of the Davis’ home, where I would be staying for the next three months. By faith I was jumping into the deep end with both feet, knowing God had gone before me. My focus while I was in Clarkston was Ethnodoxology and Multicultural Worship Ministry. Both of those terms seemed fancy to me at the time of arrival, and the reason is the majority of the involvement was simply becoming a part of the community with all that entails.

Beyond learning how to sing songs in other languages and different musical styles, learning about different cultures, knowing how to gauge a room and how to facilitate safe spaces—I learned how to live in deep community with those that are different than me, and in that same moment see others reflect the glory/image of God in a light that I was blind-sighted to see before I met them. I saw people coming together, not for their own nourishment or preference, but coming together to be in His presence. Coming together to serve, platform each other, build one another up to their full potential in Christ, by the grace that bound them all.

When I write these things it almost sounds magical, but really it looks like what Jesus did—washing feet, meeting women at the well, seeing and talking to the outcast, breaking bread in different homes on a regular basis, and singing the praises of God in every tongue available at the moment. The “magic” is simply the mystery of God and how He binds all things to Himself, under Christ. That is what I witnessed in my short time interning, and that is also what I learned to embrace in surrender.

If you are looking to grow in community with God and the nations, then this internship may be a great fit for you. If you are coming from a monocultural existence and looking to broaden your relationships, this also may be a great fit for you. If you are simply wanting to connect with people and worship God in as many ways as you can find, this would also be a great fit for you. Like I said, I came with a focus on Ethnodoxology and Multicultural Worship Ministry. I left with so much more than those fancy, distinguished words could ever mean or begin to express. – Grace F

My experience interning with Proskuneo was helping out with Summer Camp of 2018. I was in charge of helping teams that came in and keeping the camp running smoothly. I also was the sound/tech guy and made sure everything was sounding and looking good. As busy as I was this summer working those 8 weeks of camp, I learned a lot about myself and my relationship with God. I learned of the necessity of rest and learned how to implement God into my everyday life. It was also a joy to watch kids learn about Jesus and see them worshipping together despite all the cultural differences between them. I really enjoyed interning with Proskuneo and can’t wait to return soon! – Timothy P

My internship with Proskuneo was amazing. I didn’t know exactly what I would get out of this experience, but it gave me so much more than I’d ever imagined. 

I had a job or two to do every week; however, I experienced far more than just that. The Proskuneo staff really taught and empowered me, and I found myself doing much more than what I thought I was capable of. Through Proskuneo’s vision, their care for each individual person, and their desire to create a safe community, they really helped me to find my voice and my own identity in this world and culture. 

This internship not only helped me to get some experience and training, but also helped me to find my gifts and talents that God has given me, and to utilize them for His glory and kingdom!

If you want to experience and learn multicultural worship, find your own identity or gifts that God has given you, and be part of a genuine and safe community—I highly encourage you to take this opportunity! – Joseph L