We are now accepting applications for the following INTERN positions:

  • Proskuneo School of the Arts Assistant (Help around the most amazing and diverse place we know.)
  • Social Media (Facebook and Twitter like it’s your job.)
  • Recording Engineer (Hone your skills and record multicultural worship projects at the same time.)
  • Grant-research/writing (Pretty much what it sounds like. Believe us, it is a worthy cause!)
  • Videographer (Record and edit important events and amazing stories.)
  • Worship Leader (Learn how to lead worship in different languages and styles.)
  • Ethnodoxologist (Can you imagine 60+ different languages in a 1.5 mile radius?)

Click here to read a couple of testimonials from previous interns. Internships are unpaid. Proskuneo  provides free housing, and some schedule flexibility so you can have a part-time job if you wish.

Email for a more detailed job description, and/or an application.