Song Story: Salaam

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This song came from stories of sleepless nights and cries for peace. Seven years ago, when I (Dareen) first came to America, I lost my peace. Because of the culture shock and the struggles here, I couldn’t sleep for many nights. I fought with my thoughts for hours, feeling frustrated and forsaken by God. I tried to close my eyes and imagine myself back in my bed in Saudi Arabia, like nothing had changed. But […]

What Good Is It? (Part 2)

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For almost 9 months, my co-worker JT and I had been teaching a Nepali worship team each Saturday at our Proskuneo School of the Arts. It all started when the pastor of a local Nepali church brought 5 young people to me and said, “this is our worship team.” None of them knew how to play any instruments, but evidently they were willing. And, their church desperately needed musicians. So, it had been decided that […]

What Good Is It? (Part 1)

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I had just finished leading worship at a large church conference in a major city. My friend and I were on our way back to the hotel when Victor, an African-American man, asked us for money. Neither of us had any, so we told him so. He seemed to understand and said “Well, pray for me.”  And, so, even though we were already past him, we turned around. I asked him his name. And, I […]