Nail clippers and reconciliation [by Abraham Deng]

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Is anything too small for our God? I don’t like my fingernails to grow long. I am very bothered by it. I was supposed to lead worship in our Sudanese congregation on Sunday and the night before I was looking for a nail clipper and couldn’t find one. Sunday morning I borrowed Pastor Gorashi’s car to get to church. When I started to get out of the car I looked over at the passenger seat […]

Sawubona (I see you.)

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Jaewoo Kim was recently in South Africa, leading worship with several others in our Multicultural Worship Leaders Network. While there, he was impacted by a traditional Zulu greeting, which he brought back to share with us. Sawubona literally means “I see you.” It takes the place of “Hello” but means a lot more. It says, “I recognize your dignity as a person. I see your humanity and respect you.” The response is equally powerful. Ngikhona […]

Waiting to See Jesus [by Abraham Deng]

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Because of civil war in South Sudan, and the fact that I am an American citizen but my wife is not…I have spent most of the past year and a half an ocean away from my beautiful wife and two precious daughters. It is very difficult. This week, I get to travel to see them and spend the Christmas holiday with them. I also will get to celebrate the birthday of my daughter, Joelin, together […]