How to Enjoy Sabbath Rest in the Midst of a Global Pandemic

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A number of years ago now, I was thinking through the 10 commandments one by one… Don’t lie. Yes!Don’t steal. Right!Worship and serve God alone. Amen!Don’t murder. Absolutely! But, in my mental list, I was able to name 9 of the commandments from memory, and couldn’t figure out what the 10th one was. It took singing a song I learned when I was a kid in order to remember… “Number 4, the sabbath is for […]

Jatamansi and Multicultural Worship [by Ashan Rodrigo]

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In the 1st century A.D., an act of worship took place in Bethany, a village in the Mount of Olives located about three kilometres from Jerusalem. There, a woman anointed Jesus with fragrant oil. Strangely, she did not use the locally produced olive oil. Instead, she used an oil made from spikenard, which is indigenous to the Himalayan regions of India, Nepal, and China. From the ancient Sanskrit language, spikenard is popularly known as Jatamansi. […]

Worship Experience or Worshiping Community?

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As worship leaders, do we seek to facilitate worship experiences, or do we aim to develop a worshiping community?” In other words, is what we do as worship leaders about helping people have moments of engagement with God? Or is it about engaging not only with God but also with one another? Is it our aim to structure worship centers that are beautiful and worship services that run smoothly without any glitches? Or is it […]