By/In/For Community [by Josh Davis]

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It’s been 9 years since we last released an album… and it’s not because we haven’t been writing songs. It’s because we have been focused on being a community and building communities around us. Our community has gotten increasingly diverse and creative over the last 9 years. Ever since the beginning of the world, creativity […]

Uncommon Love [by Becky Thurman]

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The Dominican Republic is a place that has stolen a piece of my heart. In three years of taking Proskuneo Instituto de Adoración to Lajas, I have grown to love the culture, the worship, the people. It is different from Proskuneo Worship Institute here in the U.S. in many ways…but not in all. We have […]

Uncommon Peace [by Becky Thurman]

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I don’t know about you, but I find this world to be difficult some days. On any given day it is possible that I have been honked at, overlooked, looked down on, pushed, cut off, ignored, unfriended, berated, and otherwise dismissed. And it may not even be noon yet! I work for Proskuneo Ministries. Proskuneo […]