Song Story: Salaam

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This song came from stories of sleepless nights and cries for peace. Seven years ago, when I (Dareen) first came to America, I lost my peace. Because of the culture shock and the struggles here, I couldn’t sleep for many nights. I fought with my thoughts for hours, feeling frustrated and forsaken by God. I tried to close my eyes and imagine myself back in my bed in Saudi Arabia, like nothing had changed. But […]

Unto Us

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Isaiah 9:6 contains the famous words, “Unto us a child is born. Unto us a son is given.” The question we are asking as we approach Christmas 2020 is… “Who is us?” As you look at your church, who is “us”? As you look at your neighborhood, who is “us”? As you look at our country, who is “us”? As you look at the world in the midst of a pandemic, who is “us”? The […]


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Ethno..What? I get that a lot. It is even hard to say it. I can give you definitions, but I doubt that it will give you a full understanding of what the person is all about.   I want to simply describe who ethnodoxologist is and what she does by telling a story of what it looks like to be one.  During an online summer camp when I was invited to teach music, I decided […]