Worship Experience or Worshiping Community?

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As worship leaders, do we seek to facilitate worship experiences, or do we aim to develop a worshiping community?” In other words, is what we do as worship leaders about helping people have moments of engagement with God? Or is it about engaging not only with God but also with one another? Is it our aim to structure worship centers that are beautiful and worship services that run smoothly without any glitches? Or is it […]

Sawubona (I see you.)

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Jaewoo Kim was recently in South Africa, leading worship with several others in our Multicultural Worship Leaders Network. While there, he was impacted by a traditional Zulu greeting, which he brought back to share with us. Sawubona literally means “I see you.” It takes the place of “Hello” but means a lot more. It says, “I recognize your dignity as a person. I see your humanity and respect you.” The response is equally powerful. Ngikhona […]

THE NEW SONG [by Grace Funderburgh]

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[The importance of writing new songs in our multi-cultural worshiping communities] When there are no words to contain the questions, the pain or the depth of experience; I find myself in a hazy moment of stillness just long enough to provoke a cry never before expressed by my own lungs or contained in my own tears. That cry becomes a prophetic tune of root taken truth and creative bursting of emotional expression into one harmonious […]