Multi-ethnic Worship [What Does God Desire?] pt. 1

Multicultural Worship

Multi-ethnic Worship [What does God desire?] Multi-ethnic worship is not a new technique for reaching people from diverse backgrounds. It is not merely a response to the global migration that is happening at a staggering pace. It does not mean catering to the comfort zones and heart music of the people in our congregations. It is bigger than us…our preferences, our grooves, our desires, our music, our ways. It is more than hands folded or […]

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PWI Student Recap


PWI is rapidly approaching. Planning and preparation for this month long event are swinging into full force. We closed registration with 23 students and 4 interns! This is more than double the amount  last year. I had the privilege of interviewing all the the students during the past 2 weeks. It was great to get to know their hearts better. Our students come from many places across the United State, from Florida to New York. […]

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Multicultural Relationship

Humility is a key characteristic necessary for cross-cultural relationships and multicultural worship. I must be humble enough to recognize that my way isn’t always the right way. I must be humble enough to learn from others. I must be humble enough to look to the interests of others. I must be humble enough to submit to God and His wisdom and authority. Unfortunately, I have seen a trend in us human beings. When we have […]

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