How to Engage in Online Worship Through ASL

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Our Proskuneo Saturday Night worship community is not able to be together physically in this season of COVID-19 quarantine. We miss the hugs and the laughter. We miss the lingering moments creating art together or just catching up about our week. We miss the weekly potluck meal (oh, how we miss that!). But, we are leaning into new ways of being together. And we are looking for the opportunities that social distancing is affording us. […]

How To Engage Different People And Languages in Simple Ways

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It’s Easter 2020- which will go down in history as the socially distant Easter celebration. Rather than focus on the limitations, we saw an opportunity to connect with people in our Proskuneo community (literally around the world)! We asked different people to record the phrase “Christ is Risen” in their heart language on their phone. [Next time, we will ask everyone to use landscape mode so they are all the same!] With no budget and […]

Uncommon Dignity [by Becky Thurman]

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When I first moved to Georgia, I was offered a position as an administrative assistant to a department chair at a local university. I didn’t always feel qualified for the job because I, myself, do not have a degree. Perhaps that is why this memory stands out to me. On the first day in my newly acquired position, my boss took me on a “tour” of the campus. It was small and relatively unimpressive, but […]