A New Friend

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A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet a new friend, Victor Vodounou. Victor came to our ASL Weekend of Worship to talk about Deaf Missions and to share his own story. I was profoundly affected and challenged by his story. Victor grew up in a tribe in Benin, West Africa. He became deaf as a school-age boy which led to trouble in school and a lot of heartache. For years, he thought […]

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A Jeep and the Body of Christ

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I used to drive a Jeep. How many of you remember my Jeep? It was a real workhorse… Not the prettiest thing to look at, but I loved it. One night, that Jeep taught me an important lesson: One Sunday night, before a Proskuneo concert, when I was parking it. I went to set the emergency brake, and the little button that you press to raise the brake lever popped off. A spring went flying, […]

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Stretching yourself

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I often get accused of stretching people…putting them in uncomfortable situations or asking them to try new things. I admit. I am guilty as charged. I believe it is good for us to step outside our comfort zones. I believe that GOD exists outside of our comfort zones. I believe that our natural tendency is towards comfort, and that we must resist that if we want to grow. I do stretch people a lot. So […]