I AM MYSELF [a third-culture poem by Josh Davis]

I am a combination of cultures.

I am myself.

I am a palm tree swaying to the sound of ocean waves.

I am a pine-tree lined path through a silent forest.

I am merengue music blaring through a crowded bus.

I am a contemplative conversation between a stranger and God.

I am myself.

I could eat arroz y habichuelas every day and I love a good casserole.

I believe that peanut butter belongs in desserts and so do red beans.

I feel at home in large airports and creeped out by small ones.

I am uncomfortable being in the cultural majority.

I am suffocated by white-washed suburbs.

I am myself.

My internal clock is frighteningly accurate.

And I can lose all track of time when I am drinking coffee with friends.

I come alive when learning new phrases in a new language.

And I feel both delighted and sad when a concept doesn’t translate well from one language to another.

I can find something in common with anyone.

And I can immediately recognize how I am different from everyone.

I am expressive and stoic, creative and organized.

I am myself.

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