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How Abraham Joined Proskuneo

A meeting in a parking lot between two strangers, who became “twins” with totally different skin colors… how could it be possible in today’s racially divided nation? This is the story I want to share with you.

It was the summer of the year 2003, and I had been in the USA for four years as a refugee who fled Sudan due to several arrests as religious persecution intensified. But I never lost the compass that guided my life and my first love was to praise Him, even while sleeping sometimes.

“Birds of a feather flock together” became true the moment I met Josh Davis. Before we knew it, six hours passed as we stood talking and singing next to our cars in the parking lot. Josh learned a couple of Arabic songs from me like “Inta seed El-Kon” (a classical Arabic song meaning “You are Master of the universe”) and I translated one of Josh’s songs, “King of Glory.”

Next Josh invited me to his church to lead worship with him, and you guess what happened when he introduced me as his “twin” brother…..yeah that is exactly what happened. Then together we recorded my second album, and our North-east tour was nothing less than witnessing God’s hand connecting the dots for more and more partnership in ministry.

Later on, I settled in South Sudan with my wife and two daughters. I was feeling very comfortable in my skin and had a decent job, but suddenly the desire to live for something bigger than myself and my family arose inside me. Before I knew it, civil war broke out in my newly born South Sudan and just like a movie, my family and I were separated by me evacuating to the USA and my wife with two girls reuniting with her family in Khartoum. I asked God, “Why am I here?” and I returned to the USA with one word: DELIBERATE.

Very soon the “twins” (Josh and I) were reunited in 2016. In obedience to God’s prompting, Josh asked me to join Proskuneo staff by raising my own support. For the first time I was face-to-face with “the Just shall live by faith.” How? It was easier before when I was single, but now with a wife and two daughters!!!! Since then I have gained courage in faith and humility to ask prospective partners to financially support the vision that God gave me and my family and was meant to break my (Dinka) pride. 

Also, I was able to meet my “triplet” brother Jaewoo (my first Korean friend) and spent the night on the floor of his Texas house while helping him to drive down to Atlanta. That opened a wide door into the Korean community in the USA and beyond, all the way to South Korea.

[written by Abraham Deng]

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