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How Wau Hope Outreach Began

The Dream

(Hab.2:14) “For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea.

In the midst of 2013 I had a dream while in Juba, South Sudan that I was on the top of a mountain in Juba called Jabel Kujor (meaning Witchcraft Mountain). While on top of the mountain I was praising and worshipping God; then I began sharing the gospel and asking people to pray with me to accept Christ as LORD and Savior. Suddenly I was able to see a multitude of peoples weeping and kneeling down in their homes, praying to accept Christ as LORD and Savior, and I had the ability to see in every single home from the top of the mountain. I didn’t know how they heard me since I wasn’t using a microphone…

I woke up and shared it with my pastor, and he said, “The LORD has given you the city.” So I moved on and organized with the youth group in the church to hike that mountain. More than 150 youth signed up. I said in my heart, “No one should be left behind no matter what” and surely we all made it to the top of the mountain for the first time. We worshipped the LORD there and I shared my dream with the youth.

Civil War

In early 2014 the country went into a merciless war that dragged almost everyone in, even some dear believers; so we (Rev. Joseph Noel, Rev. Michael Aban & myself) began questioning the loyalty and allegiance of our brothers and sisters in Christ who joined the baseless war: Is their allegiance and loyalty to their tribe or to Christ? And are we truly a Christian nation? If so, why are we killing each other? If not then something needs to be done.

By the grace of God we were able to figure out what needed to be done: re-evangelizing and discipling the nation of South Sudan. But how, and who was going to do it? And that is when we heard the LORD clearly saying, “You do it.” 

“But God,” we said, “there are 64 tribes in South Sudan and we only speak three languages, and even if we are to use the Jesus film, we don’t have a generator to operate it.” Then I said to Joseph Noel, “I wish there was a solar projector that could be charged using the sun.”

Ten days later, my friend Pastor Gorashi Jangi from the USA called me out of the blue and said, “Hi Abraham, I have a projector that I have no use for. Would you like it?” 

I said, “No, I don’t need it because we have no electricity in South Sudan.” 

He replied, “You don’t understand. This one uses solar power to charge, and in addition it comes with the Jesus film in a backpack.” 

In my surprise I ran to Joseph Noel and told him, “You won’t believe what just happened. There is a solar projector and we should be able to have it in the next two weeks…praise the LORD!”

Immediately we began planning the outreach and we divided South Sudan into four regions. We picked up Western Equatoria to begin with, and as soon as we received the solar projector we hit the road running to Magwi, then to Torit several times, then we hosted our first evangelism conference in Torit. Then another civil war broke out in 2016.

Due to the civil war I was evacuated to the USA while Rev. Joseph Noel and Rev. Michael Aban remained in Juba, and we thought the ministry had to stop there. Then I met with my “twin” brother Josh Davis and had a very long conversation catching up with one another, and the burning desire was re-ignited again to continue the ministry. So I called Joseph Noel and specifically asked him to revisit our original plan of dividing the country into four regions, and to make an effort to visit the Bhar-Gazal region and see if we can shift there until other parts of the country become accessible by land due to insecurity.

First Wau Hope Outreach 2018

Indeed Joseph visited Wau in 2017 and returned with the report that we could launch the ministry in greater Bhar-Gazal. Immediately I asked him to begin planning and organizing for it, but he asked, “What about the finances? You just arrived in the USA and you don’t have money.” So I told him I had savings from when I was working with the Japanese Embassy in Juba, and we could use that money.

And so the first Wau Hope Outreach was reborn in 2018 under the name “South Sudan Evangelism & Discipleship Conference” to reach, renew, and revive every village and town in South Sudan and beyond through empowering churches to intentionally and deliberately re-engage in evangelism and discipleship. We trained more than 100 leaders from different churches and cities for 4 days, then sent them in multi-tribal teams for a 7-day outreach to different villages accompanied by medical teams and repairmen.

Following the dream and acting on it, we also organized evangelism and medical outreach to Rumbek in August 2018 with about 20 volunteer doctors. The impact was so great that the peoples of Rumbek still talk about it today.

Proskuneo’s First Visit to South Sudan 2020

In February 2020, a Proskuneo team visited South Sudan to help facilitate Wau Hope Outreach and lead worship both in the conference and the crusade for the first time together with Abna-Kush Praise & Worship from Khartoum-Sudan and Bishop Dr. Isaiah Deng Dau, the overseer of South Sudan Pentecostal, as well as Rev. Joseph Clement from Khartoum- Sudan.

(pictured above: Proskuneo team visiting Abraham’s dad in South Sudan)

Future Vision

By the grace of God, we currently have hired two paying staff (administration & finance and a discipleship coordinator both in Juba and Wau) and rented an office in Juba that we are using as an office as well as a bookstore/library, because it’s our prayer to provide the Body of Christ with sound doctrine in teachings and books for theology students and laypeople to access.

The discipleship effort has been growing as we’ve adopted the use of oral storytelling and audio bibles in the villages of Thorkuem, Woon-Rock, Ati-reo and in the city of Rumbek and Raja. In addition, we are planning and praying to buy motorcycles to be used in between villages for discipleship, as well as a vehicle for logistics and transportation within the city.

Among our future plans are to develop the land we bought a few years back into a private Christian vocational school, guest house, and church that we can use as a training hub and conference center during the summer and a place where missionaries can be equipped to cross over to Sudan to reach the Muslims. We are also planning to build a strong partnership with like-minded churches and groups to further the gospel in South Sudan and beyond.

[written by Abraham Deng]

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