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선포하리  Sunpohari  ကြွေးကြော်ပါမည်

선포하리 (Sunpohari) means, “I will proclaim” or “I will declare”. 

This new hip hop/rap song actually started as a slow, somber chorus of grief and praise. Then, with a few different people sitting in the same room together, it turned into an upbeat hook with a bridge and rap verse. From there, it went to three raps in Burmese, English and Korean with multiple background ad libs. Each voice, each influence, each flavor, each story brought into this song made it more beautiful and authentic as we went.

This song was written straight out of Psalm 118:17, “I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the LORD has done.” After David’s life is threatened constantly by surrounding nations he says these words that bring both the realities of his situation, how he felt and the reality of God. 

There are so many ways to tell the story “living, because of what Christ has done”. But this song was specifically written with stories of depression, suicide, and shamed trauma in mind. So often we find ourselves wondering how to hold both realities such as these (which can often be shamed in different families, environments, cultures, communities) and the story of God. So often we hold out two hands. One hand with depression, the other hand with the story of God. One hand with suicidal attempts, the other with the story of God. One hand with the shamed trauma and the other with the story of God. Totally divorced from each other and oftentimes unable to acknowledge, let alone speak. 

Join us in the #Sunpoharichallenge 

Do you or someone you know well carry a story with depression, suicide or shamed trauma? The challenge is to share with one person in your life the story you have to tell. What is your story of “staying alive, living… because of what God has done”? What story are you willing to proclaim today? 

Many of us have a lot to share. Many of us have a specific depth of worship that involves these stories. Many of us wonder what worship even has to do with realities of depression, suicide and shamed trauma.

Will you voice your story? Just one person. Just one safe space. 

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