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How to Engage in Online Worship Through ASL

Our Proskuneo Saturday Night worship community is not able to be together physically in this season of COVID-19 quarantine. We miss the hugs and the laughter. We miss the lingering moments creating art together or just catching up about our week. We miss the weekly potluck meal (oh, how we miss that!). But, we are leaning into new ways of being together. And we are looking for the opportunities that social distancing is affording us. We are getting creative with new ways to worship as we are together virtually. 

We have sung Andrew Peterson’s “Is He Worthy?” together before. The simple responses make it easy to engage vocally. They ALSO make it easy to engage with a different language because the responses are short and repetitive! So we tried American Sign Language, as several people in our community sign conversationally. 

Becky taught the entire community the simple responses of “Yes” “Agree” and “True Biz” (an ASL idiom) which were simple enough that all of us were able to learn. Then, we simply signed a different response for each verse: “Yes” after every question in verse 1, “agree” after every question in verse 2, and “True Biz” after every question in verse 3 (as well at the end of each chorus). 

Along the way, you will notice people picking up other simple signs, especially “Worthy.” 

All you need is one person who will learn the majority of the song in ASL and this song allows everyone to participate in a meaningful way. Let us know if you try it, or if this inspires another creative idea for your worshiping community!

[written by Josh Davis]

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