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How To Engage Different People And Languages in Simple Ways

It’s Easter 2020- which will go down in history as the socially distant Easter celebration. Rather than focus on the limitations, we saw an opportunity to connect with people in our Proskuneo community (literally around the world)! We asked different people to record the phrase “Christ is Risen” in their heart language on their phone. [Next time, we will ask everyone to use landscape mode so they are all the same!] With no budget and a lot of creativity, we were able to create this multilingual video greeting that connects our community in beautiful ways. 

This could be done with another simple worship phrase, or a short scripture verse quite easily. Engage different languages and different generations.

PRO TIP: Don’t just ask people who come to your church every Sunday…but also missionaries you support, former church members in other places, students away at college, and so on!

[written by Josh Davis]

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