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By/In/For Community [by Josh Davis]

It’s been 9 years since we last released an album… and it’s not because we haven’t been writing songs. It’s because we have been focused on being a community and building communities around us. Our community has gotten increasingly diverse and creative over the last 9 years. Ever since the beginning of the world, creativity has flowed out of community. The Spirit of God hovered over the waters. Jesus, the Living Word spoke creation into existence. God said, “Let us make human beings in our image.”

 As Proskuneo staff member Grace Funderburgh says, “We were created by community, in community, and for community.” And so was our new album.


Most of the songs on this album were co-written. (Incidentally, so were most of what we call the Pauline Epistles. Look it up!) One song, Wahed, was co-written by 7 people, from four different countries, and several generations. And, when you listen to it, you hear it. There is a very Syrian melody, and a modern American melody, and lots of counter-melodies in lots of languages! The few songs on the album that weren’t co-written were translated, arranged, and performed by a community of diverse people. These songs are by us. When I listen to them, and when I see them, I hear the audio fingerprints of so many amazing people. 


At the suggestion of our engineer, Daewoo Kim, we recorded the entire project in my basement over the span of 5 days. Daewoo brought his equipment from Nashville, and friends flew in from other states, gathering with those of us who live here in Clarkston, GA (aka the most diverse square mile in the USA). We spent lots of time eating good food, rehearsing, laughing, recording, worshiping together, and we even had a Super Bowl party (and tracked some electric guitar parts during half-time…).


Every time our community gathers together, we are diverse. We speak different languages and have different ways of worshiping God. We eat together a lot in our community. (Sharing a meal is a deep way of connecting with one another!) We felt the need for a song to sing before meals—but it couldn’t just be in one language. It had to be in multiple languages… and that’s how “Multilingual Grace” was born. It’s a simple song written by 4 diverse people, for our diverse community. Now we have something to sing before we eat together. And we have sung it in more than 10 different languages in our community (though we only put the original 5 in the recording).

It’s a joy for us to extend our community to you and yours through this album. We share with you creativity that was born in relationships among people who love Jesus and love each other. Enjoy! 

New Proskuneo Album “ONE” – Buy Today!

Nine years in the making, ONE is all about unity and diversity in the Body of Christ. This album offers sounds of modern rock, Middle Eastern, Latin, funk, and gospel music with melodies so catchy that you will be singing along in Korean, Arabic, English, Spanish, and French before you know it! These songs were written by community, in community, and for community. We love to sing them when we gather to worship Jesus and we hope you will too!

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