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Waiting to See Jesus [by Abraham Deng]

Because of civil war in South Sudan, and the fact that I am an American citizen but my wife is not…I have spent most of the past year and a half an ocean away from my beautiful wife and two precious daughters. It is very difficult.

This week, I get to travel to see them and spend the Christmas holiday with them. I also will get to celebrate the birthday of my daughter, Joelin, together with my family.

My daughter has been anticipating my coming for months. Joelin (whose name means “the LORD is God”) has kept on asking her mother “When is my dad coming?” “Why is it taking my dad so long to come?” There has been a delay of my visa at the embassy.
After a while, my wife, Rena, got tired of my daughter’s daily question. So she decided to ask Joelin: “Why do you want your dad to come soooo bad like this? Is it because of the gift he will bring you from America? Is it because he will be here for your birthday?”  To her surprise, Joelin answered “NO.”

“Then why is it?” she asked Joelin. Little almost-four-year-old Joelin’s answer was simple. “Because I love my dad.”  And then she sang a song in Arabic which says “My dad & mom loves me! And I love them like my eyes.”
“He who testifies to these things says, “Yes, I am coming soon.”
Amen. Come, Lord Jesus.” (Rev.22:20)
My questions for us are these:

  1. How much are we anticipating the coming of Jesus Christ?
  2. Are we carried away by our daily “to do list,” or are we mindful of the return of Christ first and foremost?
  3. Do we “keep the main thing the main thing?”
  4. How would we react if Jesus were to return right now and interrupt our short-term and long-term plan?
  5. Do we long for His coming more than anything else?
  6. Do we love Him so much that we would long to just be with Him?

This is the lesson I learned from my daughter. And, here’s a song we sing in Sudanese church to remind us of the reality…

اه اه يسو ، اه اه يسو بيرجع (2)
Oh oh Jesus oh oh Jesus is coming back (2)

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