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Reflective Worship Leading [an exercise]

As a worship leader, it is easy to feel like you are on a hamster wheel of sorts. You just finished this week’s worship service, and now it’s time to think about next week. Or, you could be like some of my Korean friends who lead worship 9 times a week. Most often, I am leading 1-3 times each week these days. With that kind of pace, it can be hard to be a reflective leader. To take time to consider what God is doing. To look back and think about what was happening with the congregation last Sunday. So, here’s an exercise I have found helpful.

1) Print out chord charts from last Sunday. Or, go gather them off the music stand in the worship center. (or maybe off the floor?)

2) Go back in your mind and rehearse the services. What do you remember? Write it down.
– How did you feel?
– Who did you notice?
– What surprised you?
– What touched your heart or someone else’s?
– What do you remember from God’s word?
– When or where did you sense God’s presence?

3) Tear out the lyric(s) that connect to what you just wrote down.

4) Pray over these things. For yourself, your team, your congregation, your community, your nation.

5) Is there a theme? a key phrase? or several?

6) Turn the ripped words into a collage that spells that key word/phrase.

It doesn’t have to look amazing. 🙂 Here’s an example:













I would love to see what you come up with! Post a picture here.

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