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Multilingual Worship Song: Baba Al Fi Sama [Arabic Juba, Ki-Swahili, English]

A band from our Proskuneo School of the Arts (a mix of teachers and students from Sudan, Syria, Burma, USA, and Democratic Republic of Congo) led worship recently at the Sudanese church here in Clarkston. I originally learned this song from this church, a couple years ago, and it has become one of my favorites to teach cross-culturally. In this video, I am especially proud of our piano player. Raheal is Sudanese, and has been taking classes and lessons at our Proskuneo School of the Arts since we began in 2012. This is the first time she has ever played in church, and the first time she ever played with a band. Amazing. This is one reason the Proskuneo School of the Arts exists.


Baba al fi sama mafitani ze inta. (2x) Abutai al fi sama mafitani ze inta. (2x) Yesu al fi salip mafigua ze inta. (2x)


Baba wa Mbinguni hakuna kama wewe.  (2x)


Oh God, Father in heav’n, there is no one worthy like You. (2x)

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