Proskuneo School of the Arts


[Take a moment to find out about one of our students and the difference the Proskuneo School of the Arts made in his life.]

lucasMy experiences at the Proskuneo School of the Arts have led me toward my future. When I started, I wanted to play the guitar better – that’s all. I taught beginning guitar in exchange for my own private lessons in advanced guitar.

The teachers at PSOTA taught me sight-reading, scales, rhythm, and time signatures. I learned the difference between major chords and minor chords. Learning is a gift. But, one of the greatest gifts I received at PSOTA was a mentor. He not only taught me music, he took an interest in my life.  He listened and he cared. And he was not the only one. This is something else you receive at the Proskuneo School of the Arts – people who believe in you. The teachers allow you to express yourself and they love you and support you in your process.

My life has sure changed over the last year and a half. This last fall, by God’s grace and few scholarships, I was able to enroll at Bethel University to study music. I am making A’s in my Music Fundamentals class because of all that I learned at PSOTA. And I am at the top of my piano class!

People pay a lot of money to learn what I was taught at PSOTA. The classes at Proskuneo School of the Arts are inexpensive – but the great people who teach are giving a quality education. [Lucas Garcia, age 26, Colombia]


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