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Reflections of an earthly father

The following is an excerpt from the book Earthly Reflections of Our Heavenly Father.” This particular section was written by our friend, Dave Schwulst.

“My favorite story in the Bible is the parable of the prodigal son (Luke 15).  It is a mirror of what happened in my own life.  I was the younger son who left for a “distant land” living a life of debauchery starting at the age of seventeen.  My dad gave up pursuing me after years of my rejecting and dishonoring him.  But Dad and Mom never gave up praying for me every day in the hope that someday I would “come home.”  Finally, at age thirty-four, I was a broken, shame-based shell of a man.  My father exemplified the Heavenly Father represented in the parable, never once condemning me or scolding me.  All the contempt and blame that I had falsely felt for him melted away as he wept for me while I spewed out those cutting, undeserving words.  He asked me to forgive him for neglecting me during those confusing high school years.  That was eighteen years ago and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve reflected on that time because for me, my dad showered me with the same grace that my heavenly father consumes me with.

What a great legacy Dad has gifted me with.  The same passion and ministry God called Dad to in caring for the spiritual destiny of men is the same fire and passion I believe God’s called me to today.  So many of us men, Christian and non-Christian, are paralyzed in a state of “frozen anger,” living in a state of desperation, pretending to have our life together, trapped in an unfulfilling life searching for “the answer to our question.”

Thank you, Jesus and thank you, Dad, for your redeeming, unending love.  You are forever in me and with me as together we fight the battle for men’s hearts and souls.

I love you!!!

Your son eternally, Dave”


You can read the rest of Dave’s tribute to his earthly father, and other stories as well,
in the book Earthly Reflections of Our Heavenly Father.”
(Order a copy today. It makes a great Father’s Day gift!)


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