6 thoughts on “Multicultural Worship Song: Abba

    1. So glad, Michelle! It is one of our favorite songs to sing together! Behold what manner of love we have been given!!! He calls us daughters and sons…and that is what we are!

  1. This clip was sent to us in Bloomington, Illinois by our dear friends David and Cherry Schwulst. We had just returned from a visit with them in the DR. Our 15 year old daughter, Lucy had asked for a “Dominican” birthday. So what could I do, I turned on our Josh Davis CD, (thanks to Dave & Cherry) and cooked up some chicken, beans and rice. Then we celebrated. Wish this song was on the CD I have. It is BEAUTIFUL! How the LORD must delight in this song of praise to Him. It has blessed my heart and with your permission I will pass it along to our pastor and the Orphan Care team at East White Oak Bible Church.

    1. A Dominican birthday sounds like it would be right up my alley! 🙂 So glad that you are enjoying the music, and that it is drawing your hearts to Him and to His people. Please feel free to share it! It is on youtube for anyone who wants to listen. I pray the blessings will continue and multiply…

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