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A Multicultural Christmas Musical At Our Church

[by Karen Treu]

Nations Prove

It’s been a few years since our church partnered with Proskuneo Ministries and presented Nations Prove, a multicultural musical that was unlike any other we’d ever done. Even though some time has passed, I can still remember the impact this musical had on our congregation and surrounding community.

We presented Nations Prove as a dinner theatre. We encouraged families in our church to host a table for the evening. As a host they were to invite unsaved family, neighbors, or friends from work to attend. We’d never tried anything like this before, so we didn’t have any idea how it would turn out. But both nights our auditorium was filled to capacity. Every table was filled with our own church people and their unsaved friends and relatives. The musical was presented and the gospel was shared. The response was amazing!

Nations Prove is set in the international terminal of a major U.S. airport on Christmas Eve. A large storm has blown in and all the people are anxiously waiting to board their flights and go off to their various countries. But because of the storm, all the people are forced to spend Christmas Eve with each other. Thankfully one person in the group encourages the others to make the most of their time together and share some of their traditions for celebrating the Christmas season.

What happens next helps everyone see how God designed the nations to prove the glories of His righteousness and wonders of His love.

I loved being involved in this special outreach to our community! Our church has traditionally been made up of mostly Caucasian believers.  Because this musical was different than anything else we’d ever done, it opened the doors for our church to reach many different cultures…many of whom would never have visited our church otherwise. 

Today our church still has a higher percentage of Caucasians than any other ethnicity. But we have more and more people from other cultures and ethnic backgrounds who have joined the church in the past several years. I believe that Nations Prove is a big reason behind that change. I praise the Lord for it!


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  1. This was an amazing “coming together” for our church. We gave everyone that wanted to volunteer a job to do, in front – and behind, the scenes. And, we found that the musical can be adapted to whatever cultural representations you have in your church… very user/director friendly!! 🙂 Thanks for the post, Karen, and for the great memories! 🙂

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