Reflections of a Father

“If GOD is anything like my dad, then he’s never around.” I heard this today and my heart was grieved. Many people can’t stand the thought of God as Father, because they can’t stand their own earthly fathers. So often we reflect our earthly father’s character on our Heavenly Father, believing way down deep that God is like our dad. It really should be the other way around. Earthly fathers should seek to reflect our Heavenly Father. He is perfect in all His ways!

A couple years ago, some men from the U.S., Haiti, and the Dominican Republic put our hearts together to write a book. Each man shared either an experience he had with his own father…or an experience he has had being a father himself. And in the process, we reflected together on how those experiences related to what is true about our Heavenly Father. Many men shared very personally and vulnerably in hopes to encourage other fathers to be more and more like our Father God.

It was beautiful to see the book come together. And even more beautiful to see the men who wrote the book come together for a few days in the Dominican Republic to talk and share and worship together. As men, we need encouragement along the way as we seek to be conformed more and more into God’s image. Maybe this book will encourage you, or one of the fathers in your life. Fathers have incredible influence, whether we try to or not…whether we believe it or not…whether we like it or not…
May we be all GOD desires for us to be!

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