[brief job description] Public Relations Director

As an employee of Proskuneo Ministries, you are a full member of the staff team, attending regular staff meetings, reporting directly to the Executive Director.

 Public Relations/Communications Director [20-40 hrs/wk]
1.   Lead Fundraising Team
a. Cast vision
b. Integrate Fundraising with other ministry
c. Coordinate special events

2.   Networking
a. Develop strategic Kingdom partnerships
b. Look for ways Proskuneo can bless other organizations
c. Build relationships with like-minded ministries and people

3.   Social Media
a. Oversee website, online networking, e-newsletter, facebook, blog, and twitter
(as well as any additional social media platforms)
b. Work with staff to develop and implement an integrated Social Media plan
c. Regularly Evaluate/Refresh/Maximize effectiveness

4.   Promotion (of ministry in general as well as specific events, etc)
a. Website
b. Graphics
c. Branding
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