Multilingual Worship Song: Loue (Haitian Creole, English)

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You just never know when you are going to learn a great new praise song in a different language! Always be ready. A few years ago, during a sound check in the Dominican Republic, I heard my Haitian conga player friend singing this song. I asked him to teach it to me. It has become a favorite! My family sings it often around our dinner table. I got the literal translation from my friend and then have created a singable translation in English. Enjoy the video of Royce Morris and a few of our former PWI students in Florida. Lyrics are below.


Loue, loue. Glwa a Jezi Peche-m yo efase (2x)

Loue Loue Loue Amèn Alelouya (2x)
Loue Letènèl, Loue Letènèl (2x)

Loue, Loue, Loure, Loure (2x)
Glory, glory, Praise to Jesus! He washed my sins away (2x)

Glory, glory, glory. Amen Alleluia (2x)

All glory to God, All glory to God (2x)

All praise, all praise (2x)


4 thoughts on “Multilingual Worship Song: Loue (Haitian Creole, English)

  1. Hi i would like to correct one of the words from the first line it is efase not refase. because efase in creole means erased/disappeared.

  2. Our team is going to learn this song and teach it to the villagers. Perfect for those of us that don’t know any creole.

    1. Great! Most likely they will already know it! Let them help you learn the correct pronunciation and have fun worshiping together! We would love to know how it goes…

  3. We’ll take a video.
    It’s the tune available for me to download on my iPad so I can play it without the Internet?

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